Katrin Fridriks // BERLIN – THE BEAM @TOA//JULY 2017

Katrin Fridriks is proud to announce her participation to the Art Solar Panel Project, alongside The Beam Magazine, a humanitarian global organization/project which has been founded to help children in Rwanda and raise awareness about renewable energy.

The art pieces by several artists who were invited to take creative actions on solar panels will be shown at TOA – Berlin (from 11 to 14 of July 2017) in the Haus of Tech Area. On this occasion, Katrin Fridriks will be presenting a new art installation made with 2 solar panels mounted as a roof on a steel holder, making this piece look like a little house from afar.

A simple standing, under which people will be invited to pass by to discover her paintings, mounted on the inside of the two assembled panels. Helping themselves with small sunflower shaped lights, powered by solar energy, from the “Little Sun” project, by Olafur Eliasson, people get to discover Katrin Fridriks paintings upon them and interact with her artworks thanks to solar energy lighting.

This piece is called Northern Lights, after those rare and natural wonders which appear at night only, around the magnetic poles areas, and enchant celestial dome with their vibrant colors in a clear, unpolluted sky. The Art Solar Panel Project originates from helping more than 2000 kids in Rwanda by constructing a new school but also providing them with solar battery lights so they can stop studying at night with the help of gaz or kerosene lamps, which is an important source of pollution and endangering their health.

Katrin Fridriks wanted to refer to the school structure by building a very simple standing framework that can only unveil its mysteries from the inside, under its roof by looking up to it; and in the meantime paying homage to the renewable energy meanings that lead to nightly reading and looking at a sky that is no longer polluted by fuel/kerosene burning.

While looking up, with the of the Little Sun Lights, the public gets to discover an enchanted burst of colors typical of Katrin Fridriks dynamic style.
The artist wanted to recreate the same magic that one can feel in her motherland, Iceland, where she was born, facing Northern Lights.

Following the display in TOA, The Beam will proceed with auctioning the pieces through out its partners at Dorotheum.

For more info and contributions, have a look on Little Sun Foundation website.

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