Kathy Clark || & Again It Descends to the Earth || Studio Sol

Sýning stendur frá//exhibition stands from 2 mars – 13 apríl, 2019

Studio Sol presents Kathy Clark’s multi-media installation exhibition, & Again It Descends to the Earth, a revisitation of our divine connection to the female form and our earthly existence in a cosmic scheme. Through sculptures, wax paintings, elements of sound, and installation works, Clark interprets the unexplained and invokes beliefs founded in an ancient tribal history. Her remarkably detailed mixed media sculptures explore unanswered questions about prehistoric cultures and mythical beliefs, renewing a primal connection to the feminine landscape. Imbued with the power of nature, her deity creations call forth in us a sense of ritualism, connecting us to our innermost instincts. In & Again It Descends to the Earth, Clark creates a subterranean, carbonised world, an interpretive
ceremonial site to the female form and the powers it contains. Referencing a divine perspective, her fantastical burial ground pays homage to the feminine deity. Clark draws on these ancient myths, rooted in solstice and the cyclical patterns of the Earth, to enable oneself to embrace or bring forward a deep true knowing that is within all of us. This exhibition emphasizes the vitality of feminine power through elements of storytelling and fantasy. A connection to our sense of place in the natural world is restored. We enter into a dream, leaving with questions both answered and formed.

Kathy Clark is an American/Icelandic artist who lives and works in Reykjavik. Her sculptures and installations deal with many aspects of the fantasy world, storytelling and our connection to nature and the natural world, as if one can take a journey of sorts into a deeper surreality and perspective that might allow for an examination of the self. In 2013 Clark founded Veður og Vindur-/Wind and Weather Window Gallery gallery on Hverfisgata in downtown Reykjavík. The gallery operates out of a window front that faces onto for passerby’s and onlookers, open and accessible to the public at all times. Clark has a Bachelor ́s Degree in Art from San Diego State University and a Master ́s Degree in Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute in California, USA. She has had solo and group exhibitions in California and Reykjavík and has work in private collections and museums.

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