Júlio Dolbeth heldur fyrirlestur í LHÍ 28.mars

(English below)
Þriðjudaginn 28. mars kl.12:15 heldur Júlio Dolbeth fyrirlestur í GESTAGANGI, fyrirlestraröð hönnunar- og arkitektúrdeildar Listahákóla Íslands, í fyrirlestrasal A í Þverholti 11.

Tuesday March 28th at 12:15 Júlio Dolbeth gives a lecture as part of GESTAGANGUR, a lecture series by the Department of Design and Architecture at Iceland Academy of the Arts. The lecture takes place in lecture room A at Thverholt 11.

“The traditions and heritage of contemporary Portuguese illustration”

We live in an effervescent period for illustration. Gradually we are witnessing a spread of illustration across visual media, assuming itself increasingly as an autonomous means of visual expression with its own communication strategy and particular semantic content. Its identity is sometimes influenced by traditional heritage but typically with a contemporary slant, filtered by the perspective of the younger generation of illustrators.

Júlio Dolbeth is an illustrator and artist, living and working in Porto, Portugal. He is a Professor of Design, in the Fine Arts Faculty, at the Porto University. He has a PhD in Art, Design and Illustration, an MA in Multimedia Art, and a BA in Communication Design. Co-founder of the Dama Aflita gallery in Porto, he has shown his work regularly in both solo and group exhibitions.

The lecture will be in English and open to the public.

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