Íslenskar listakonur sýna í HIER í Berlin 18. maí – 26. maí



Sýningu Kristínar Helgu Ríkharðsdóttur og Kristínar Karólínu Helgadóttur Fountain of Truth opnar í galleríinu HIER í Berlín 18. maí næstkomandi, kl 19:00, og stendur til 26. maí.

Fountain of Truth leikur með gamlar sögur, samtíma þarfir og kannar manngerðar langanir í lengra líf og ferskara útlit. Ljóshvít, lavenderbleik og rósmaríngræn innsetningin inniheldur hina ýmsu hluti sem fjalla um viðfangsefnið. Auk ódauðlegs íkorna.


Two Icelandic artists, Kristín Helga Ríkharðsdóttir and Kristín Karólína Helgadóttir, open their exhibition Fountain of Truth at HIER gallery in Berlin on May 18th at 7PM. The will be up until May 26th.

Fountain of Truth plays with old myths, contemporary needs and explores the man-made desire of a longer lifespan and fresher look. The bright white, lavender pink and rosemary green installation includes various objects that deal with these matters. Including an immortal squirrel.

Kristin Helga Rikhardsdottir is an Icelandic visual artist currently living and working in Berlin. Using video, installations, photography she explores the hyper-reality of everyday environment. She takes inspiration from her surroundings and works with society as an insider, a full participant and player. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Iceland, as well as Sweden, the Czech Republic and Colombia. She holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.

Kristín Karólína Helgadóttir is an Icelandic visual artist living Berlin. She was a member of the former collective Kunstschlager in Reykjavík. She holds BA in Philosophy and Art Theory, currently enrolled in the Fine Art program at Icelandic Academy of Arts. At the moment she is enjoying the silent dialogue of things, dealing with the inescapable past and possible future … looking for the ultimate Totem.

Opening 18.5.2017

7 PM

Open 19.5. till 26.5.2017

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday 14 till 18 o`clock and on request

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Langhansstr. 116
13086 Berlin

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