Íslensk Grafík.

Íslensk Grafík – Námskeið í cyanotype og photogravure

Introduction to Cyanotype

20. October, 10:30–5pm
Instructor: Constanza Isaza
Fee: 25.000 kr. all materials included
Participants: 8

Registration: send email to islenskgrafik@gmail.com with Cyanotype in subject

Deadline to register is September 1st!

This one-day workshop will introduce participants to the cyanotype process. The workshop is ideal for beginners who wish to learn how to print onto hand-coated paper using an early photographic process, or for more advanced students who would like to learn how to get the best out of the process.

You will learn how to mix light-sensitive cyanotype chemistry, how to coat art paper, how to make photograms, how to make a photographic cyanotype print from a negative, and a brief history of the cyanotype process. You will also learn how to prepare a digital image for output as an inkjet negative.

All materials will be provided. You will need to email Constanza a selection of high-resolution digital images in advance of the workshop, and you can also bring a selection of flat objects if you would like to make photograms.

Introduction to Photopolymer Gravure

26.–27 October, 10:30–5pm
Instructor: Constanza Isaza
Fee: 50.000 kr. all materials included
Participants: 8

Registration: send email to islenskgrafik@gmail.com with Photopolymer in subject.

Deadline to register is September 1st!

Photopolymer Gravure combines the best of two worlds: printmaking and photography. The photogravure process, developed in the 1870s, involved etching a photographic image into a copper plate, from which prints could then be produced. The modern equivalent – photopolymer gravure – replaces the copper plate with a photosensitive polymer plate, making the process faster and easier to learn, as well as reducing the maker’s exposure to hazardous chemistry.

This two-day workshop will focus on making intaglio prints from pre-made photopolymer plates, as well as providing an overview of the platemaking process:

-Calibrating polymer plate exposure 

-Producing the digital transparency 

-Exposing, washing out and hardening the polymer plate

-Preparing the paper, inking the polymer plate and pulling the print

-Drying and protecting the print

You will be able to make gravure prints from at least three of your own photographic images, which you will need to send to us via email ahead of the workshop.

No prior experience of intaglio printing or Photoshop is required. All materials will be provided.


Constanza Isaza is a fine art photographer and analogue specialist with almost twenty years’ experience in analogue photography. She has a BA in Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster and an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute. She has exhibited internationally at solo and group shows and participated in several artist residency programmes. She co-founded Lux Darkroom with Andrés Pantoja, and has taught workshops at Cambridge School of Art, London College of Communication, and Radley College, among others. www.constanzaisaza.com

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