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Íslensk grafík: Námskeið í Carbon Transfer þrykk

Íslensk grafík kynnir 2ja daga námskeið í carbon transfer 16.–17. okt n.k. Marco Dorn leiðbeinir og kennt verður á ensku. Námskeið kostar 40 þús kr og allt efni er innifalið. Áhugasamir senda tölvupóst á Sjá frekari upplýsingar fyrir neðan á ensku.

Íslensk grafík will host a 2-day course in carbon transfer printing on the 16th and 17th of Oct. The course is lead by Marco Dorn and will be taught in English. The course fee is 40.000 kr and all materials are included. Please send an email to to register.


Carbon Transfer Printing

This workshop will give you an overview of the basic printing process of carbon transfer and you will be able to make some very unique prints.

Carbon transfer is an extremely versatile and complex printing process that can produce black and white as well as color prints. What makes carbon transfer so special is that virtually everything can be used as a pigment, such as ash, mud, gold dust, dried flowers, or spices. We will work with high quality water color pigments that are very stable under UV light. The image quality of carbon transfers can be outstanding in terms of detail resolution, sharpness, and colors. But a unique feature of carbon transfers is that they form a relief effect that adds a completely new textural dimension to the image.

Because of the potential complexity of the topic, our focus will be the actual printing process so we can use our limited time to achieve maximum results.

Carbon transfer printing is so much more than a reproductive photo process because there are infinite possibilities for manipulating the image. You don’t necessarily have to print a photo – collages or drawings are also very interesting as a carbon transfer.

About Marco

Marco Dorn was born in 1983 in former eastern-Germany. He studied Fine arts at the AKI, Academy of Arts and Design, Enschede were he got his bachelor of fine arts degree in 2008. After his studies he moved to Berlin and started an apprenticeship as an editor for OSTKREUZ photo agency and simultaneously working as free artist with focus on performative sculptural installations and conceptual photography. 

Instragram: @pigmentandsilver_reykjavik

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