Sýning stendur frá 28. júlí – 15. september, 2018
OPNUN 28. júlí, 17 – 20

Nina Zurier’s photographs present a fascination with darkness and light that is as inescapable and inherent to Iceland and its people as it is to the photographic medium. Her high contrast imagery is intimate and sincere, capturing light in darkness and darkness in light. Influences of Daido Moriyama shine brightly through. What is ‘native’ to Iceland, and what does it mean to be ‘innfædd’ to this place? A snapshot into the nature and people of Iceland, Zurier’s works are warm and delicate yet simultaneously coupled with a fierceness, intensity, and directed purpose. Each photograph has a distinct relationship to light, and to darkness, one that is necessarily and emotionally connected to the Icelandic experience. Dark footprints in the icy snow defy any time of day, a stubborn summer sun forces its way through the cracks into a darkened bedroom. Zurier beautifully captures an obsession with light and its counterpart that will forever be intrinsically characteristic to this country.


Nina Zurier is an artist living and work in California and Reykjavík. Her work includes books and installations of her photographs as well as projects involving images from archives and other sources. Several years of research in the Reykjavík Photography Museum’s archive resulted in the book Ef ég hefði verið … Reykjavík 1950-1970, published in 2015 by Crymogea in Reykjavík, as well as an exhibition and large-scale artwork made up of small details from the archival photographs. Seemingly inconsequential details often trigger stronger emotions/memories than an overall image, and the degree of focus (or lack there of) is also highly affective. Sequencing, scale, and juxtaposition are critical to composing a visual narrative and her alt-career as a museum exhibition designer has served her well.


Studio Sol is a curatorial space presenting exhibitions in my home in Reykjavik’s artist-inhabited community in the warehouse district in Höfðabakki. Studio Solwill showcase the artistic and cultural talent and beauty of Reykjavik and its unique artistic expression. This attention to experimentation, innovation, and the unorthodox is its focus and mission statement, a playground for artists to attempt something new, fearless of the consequences, to see what can be, and what can be created. Studio Sol will exhibit contemporary, experimental, and performance art, with a specific focus on newly emerging artists and talent in Reykjavik´s art world, to provide an opportunity and locus for curators, artists, and collectors to connect and engage in artistic dialogue and expression. We will focus on the diversity of voices in Reykjavík, and the common thread that they weave together.


Vagnhöfði 19, 110 Reykjavik
Open for viewing by private appointment
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