Harpa Dögg

Harpa Dögg Kjartansdóttir sýnir í Wind and Weather Window Gallery

Nonverbal Dialogues ” July – August 2019

Mixed media, site specific.

This work is a sculptural and site specific installation that observes and explores how different/found objects, from diverse resourses that relate to each other. The objects create a new meaning, a nonverbal dialogue in the space between them, connecting objects, fragments and constructing gestures.

The act of collecting is like a game. The object becomes abstracted from its function. If I use a refrigerator to refrigerate, it is a practical mediation: it is not an object but a refrigerator, and in that sense I do not possess it. What is possessed is always an object abstracted from its function and thus brought into relationship with the subject. The objects refer to one another and together they make up the system through which the subject strives to construct a world, a private totality. The reality of a thing is defined by the ways in which it is registered by other entities.

I am a collector who collects objects.  When I collect something, possess an object, the object gets abstracted from its function and gets a new meaning, new value, new voice.  An object becomes no longer specified by its function but becomes abstract in its form, colour and material. It becomes a part of my collection, my property, my language. Those objects can be re-arranged for various context and locations.

My work is process-based and takes shape in site-specific installation and sculptures. I use different techniques together and span a variety of materials and scales, moving from small details to big structures. Each location triggers an element in my practice that shapes each work and its context. I explore how objects create new meaning by connecting and placing them in new contexts. Dealing with different systems, their framework and the movement within them. My way of working is active, experimental, reflective and fragmented.  It´s like a fragmented, non-linear narrative presented as a spatial mind map, where objects create language, gestures, tension and balance.

Harpa lives and works in Reykjavík  


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