Gjörningaklúbburinn í Kaupmannahöfn

Gjörningaklúbburinn sýnir video verk sitt Aqua Maria á sýningunni VideoVideo í Nikolaj kirkju í Kaupmannahöfn. Sýningin stendur frá 12. janúar til 27. janúar

Aqua Maria relates to the strong undercurrents of our times: from nature to feminism, from art to ecology.

The video features a soprano, singing inside a space that resembles a steam bath but as the scene progresses, the space becomes more ambiguous. During her singing, drops of water condense in her hair and face, becoming heavier until they stream down her face. The water in Aqua Maria responds to burning ecological issues and global warming. We only have one earth and one body, both consisting of 70% water. Aqua Maria is in all of us, the water in all of us and the revolution in all of us, her name Maria indicating rebellion in Hebrew and mar, sea, in Icelandic.

The video is a symbolic figure of Aqua Maria who rises from the ocean to serve as an inspiration for the current transformation women are experiencing in our time,  influenced by the worldwide spirit of revolt and struggle against injustice and violence, as it is for example manifested in #metoo, Women’s March, Black Lives Matter, Slut Walks and Free the Nipple campaigns that are organised through the world wide web.

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