Fyrirlestur í SÍM salnum – Valentinas og Virginija

Seinustu ár hefur KKnord styrkt gestavinnustofu SÍM þannig að SÍM hefur haft tök á að bjóða myndlistarmönnum frá Norðurlöndunum og Eystrasaltsríkjunum til dvalar í Gestavinnustofum SÍM. Í ár var lagt áherslu á að bjóða sýningarstjórum.

Virginija Januskeviciute og Valentinas Klimasauskas frá Litháen mundu dvelja hjá SÍM í desember.

Laugardaginn 12. desember kl 17:00 munu þau halda erindi um verkefni sem þau vinna að og þeirra áherslur í sýningarstjórnun. Allir eru velkomnir og hægt verður að skrá sig á

lista þeir sem hafa áhuga að fá vinnustofu heimsókn.

Valentinas to Iceland

Valentinas Klimašauskas is letters, but also a curator and writer interested in the robotics of belles-lettres and the uneven distribution of the future and sharing.

Recent curated exhibition titles include “Night of the Living Fossils,” “The Pump,” “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana,” “A cab. If cabinet of curiosities were a vehicle…” and “Thinging,” just to mention a few.

Most recent texts include “On the importance of curating from the perspective of a bacteria, living fossil or Neanderthal” and a reading of “How to Clone a Mammoth (in Three Voices and with a Fisherman’s Exaggeration)” at the XII Baltic Triennial.

Valentinas book “B” published in 2014 by Torpedo Press, Oslo, contains written exhibitions that float in time and space with or within a joke, one’s mind, Voyager 1, Chauvet Cave or inside the novel “2666” by Roberto Bolaño. Valentinas lives and works from Inkūnai, Lithuania. More of his writings may be found at www.selectedletters.lt


Virginija Januskeviciute is a curator at the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in Vilnius, Lithuania, and one of the founding editors of The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt. Her recent exhibitions include The Nineties – an exhibition at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga set alongside a 20-page complaint by the philosopher Arūnas Sverdiolas; Proteus – a project dedicated to the possibility of metamorphoses of art experiences, curated for the CAC with the philosopher Kristupas Sabolius; Intermission – a one-day-only for Survival Kit festival in Riga built around the idea of encounters in between the acts (in theatre and otherwise); Illusionists. On Stage Design and Contemporary Art curated for the CAC with Julija Fomina; Panslavisms – an exhibition in Warsaw that looked at some of the cultural and socio-political tensions within the Eastern European region, curated with Joanna Warsza. Along with Aurimė Aleksandravičiūtė and Jonas Žakaitis she was appointed Curator of the 12th Baltic Triennial of International Art, organised by the CAC Vilnius, At CAC she has also organized numerous projects such as The Joy is Not Mentioned, 2007, (part of an ongoing ‘young Lithuanian artists’ series); and For the First and the Second Time, 2008 (an exhibition of artists investigating the history of Modernism, in collaboration with Stroom, a center for visual arts and architecture in The Hague).

Recently, Virginija programmed the Reading Room, CAC’s venue for talks, discussions, lectures, performances and presentations as well curatorial and artistic experimentation. In 2008 she completed de Appel Curatorial programme in Amsterdam.

She studied History and Theory of Art in Vilnius Academy of Arts before joining the curatorial team of CAC in 2002.

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