Expositie Fédération Internationale Culturelle Feminine


Looking for two artists from Iceland to participate

Ref.: Exhibition at three places in Germany from September 22 nd to October 21st , 2018 and in HeArtGallery in the Netherlands from November 4th  to December 2nd of 2018.

Dear artists,

We would like to ask your attention and invite you to participate in the exhibition Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine 2018 which is held on the aforementioned dates in Mettingen, Ibbenbüren and Dörenthe in Germany and then in HeArtGallery in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

The exhibition is an initiative of the German Section of the French organization Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine 2018 (http://www.ficfart.org). It only concerns visual art of women and takes place every 10 years at one or more locations in Europe.

The German department of FICF has invited HeArtGallery to participate this year and asked to invite a number of artists working in the Netherlands but also outside the Netherlands.

I would like to hear from you whether you accept this invitation and participate.

Kind regards to all of you and looking forward to a very successful exhibition.

with kind regards,

Jan Noltes

Chairman of the foundation HeArtGallery


The conditions under which the exhibition will take place are in consultation with the organization and generally concern the following:

the aspects to guarantee a smooth process of the exhibition from September 22nd to October 21st 2018 in Mettingen, Ibbenbüren and Dörenthe in Germany and from November 4th to December 2nd  In Hengelo in The Netherlands should be carefully paid attention to.

In order to compile an excellent catalogue we would like to ask all artists to fill up the included form (please, in handwriting) and to send a photo of yourself. This photo should be signed personally (with your name) and additionally a photo of each exhibit (up to 5) (size jpg / dpi 300) to be sent to the following mail address :


The closing day of entries is May 31st, 2018

Additionally a photo of yourself, filled in form and exhibits should all be sent by mail

Applications which arrive too late can unfortunately not be considered

The costs of the catalogue will be borne by the Federation.

Your exhibits along with small name plates , the price of your exhibits( 10% of the price will go to the four associations when selling a work), your photo and the filled in form should be sent by mail between June 8th, 2018 and be directed to the following address :


t.a.v. Jan Noltes

Drienerstraat 35

7551 HK Hengelo


The exhibits will only be insured during the exhibition. The costs of transport, possible additional insurance and transport back to your countries (return postage) are borne by the artists.

I fondly ask you to follow these instructions carefully and to keep to schedule.

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