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HOME? ASYLUM SEEKERS & ARTISTS is a humanitarian community project.

The Kurdish Family Sabre are from Erbil Iraq which is about 85 k. from Mosul.  They arrived in Iceland 10 months ago.  Two of their requests  for asylum which were submitted by the Red Cross were denied.  They are permitted a final appeal from a lawyer if they can afford one.  They received pro bono representation from a lawyer who feels their case warrants further investigation and appealed the courts decision this month.  The family Sabre awaits Icelands verdict in a state of limbo.

There are no social workers assigned to their case, yet with the voluntary help of the 2 Kurdish speaking residents of Iceland they are able to decrypt some of the language of the official documents they receive in Icelandic which are meant to inform them of their status.

According to the Dublin Act Iraq is a no war zone for asylum seekers to return to.  While most European Foreign Offices advise against all travel to Iraq, including the remainder of the Kurdistan region.

The International Photographer Christian Rølla from Norway has been to Kurdish Iraq twice in the last year for a total of 5 weeks photographing refugee camps. He thinks Iraq is anything but safe.

He travelled to Afghanistan and Iraq to understand and see for himself what is really happening in war torn countries.

Christian Røllas is a Journalistic Photographer and graduated from the Bilder Nordic School of Photography.  He will show his photographs of the family Sabre at their home.

The Family Sabre invite you into their home to share their stories and view Christian Røllas portraits.  It is our intention to expand our understanding of the complexity of of existence for people fleeing their homelands in search of safety.

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