The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM) was founded in 1982 and today serves as an interest organization for roughly 760 professional artists. The goal of SÍM is to improve conditions and present the working environment of artists, and the association has representatives in various committees and boards. The Association runs 146 studios all over the greater Reykjavík area and hosts over 200 foreign visiting artists each year. The e-zine STARA publishes articles about shows, happenings and artists’ interests. STARA is published three times a year.

SÍM’s operations can be divided into two parts: The inner workings in service of the artists and the outer workings in service of the public, other associations and foreign parties ...Read more


Get a detailed glimpse of the Icelandic art scene in STARA the SIM journal. Fully translated.


SIM runs three residencies, two in Reykjavík and one in Berlin. Click for more details.

News and announcements by SIM in English

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SIM rents out over 200 studios to its members, click for more details.


SIM rents out a small appartment for artists, curators and others on art related business in Reykjavík

Annuals reporst in english

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