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Do you have a cultural project that deals with non-urban territories? Are you running an initiative based on a dialogue with the rural social and environmental context? Are you intervening with the audiences outside of big cities? Is your project reflecting on cultural and social innovation in peripheries? 

Culture -Crops- Agora is an informal forum that showcases local and European projects acting within the non-urban territories. The aim of the agora is to bring different perspectives from arts, heritage, agriculture, research, politics, activism etc., mix initiatives from Switzerland and Germany with similar projects coming from all over Europe and to create an open space for networking. 

What are we looking for?

We want to hear from you, if your project meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Cultural projects based on a dialogue with the social and environmental context, participation in community life, good governance and democracy, well-being within the non-urban context;
  • Projects developing new forms of making a living for artists and cultural workers in peripheries;
  • Projects dealing with the decentralisation of cultural organisations, cultural contents and cultural work.
  • Projects on contemporary cultural creation and cultural and social innovation in rural areas, including cultural production, visibility, internationalisation, audiences;
  • Alternative models for cultural and cultural heritage projects, including digitisation;
  • Projects reflecting and practising mobility for artists, cultural actors and cultural works between territories and in suburbia and the rural;
  • Cultural projects dealing with climate change, including environmental impact, mobility and migrations, sustainable production, circular economy.

What do we provide?

Culture -Crops- Agora is part of the conference program and takes place on Thursday 24 October, from 4.30 till 6.30 at DreiSpitz in Kreuzlingen (the main venue of the conference). The conference organisation team will provide you with a table and two chairs in a common space, international audience and visibility of your project in our communication. 

What about costs?

Participation in the agora is free of charge. Culture Action Europe will not be able to cover travel (or any other) expenses related to your participation in the conference. However, if your project is selected, you will be able to participate in the Culture -Crops- Cultural Practices in Non-Urban Territories for free.

Does it sound interesting? Send your proposal before 22 July 2019 by applying below. 

Apply here

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