Claudia Hausfeld synir i Zürich, Sviss



As part of the group exhibition BEYOND THE SHORE, Claudia Hausfeld shows her new Installation Lacuna in the Art Associations offspace Sihlquai 55 in Zürich, Switzerland.

Lacuna is an installation about mental gaps. It is a visual research of forgetting and gives form to the feeling of ambiguity and fading memory.

Forgetting is not simply an emptiness for it can take shape as a filling, it can be the takeover of a single thought, a constant rotation around its own axis or a displacement of relations. The loneliness that accompanies forgetting separates us from the world and makes it inaccessible. The images and objects in the exhibition give form to memory and its volatile nature.

The point of departure of Claudias work lies in her interest in photography as a medium that depicts „real things“. Different from drawing or painting, photography acknowledges form and shape of the depicted simultaneously and equally; only the light draws the image. Therefore we examine a photograph always for its veracity. Every image though also takes shape after the inner state of the viewer – a photograph is not only a window into reality but synchronizes with the images we carry in us. This ambivalence resembles memory: Each individual contains it within themselves, at the same time it shapes our view of the world. If it is gone we do not only lose our ability to define our surroundings but also the images within us become unrecognizable.

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