Föstudaginn 15. maí opna þrír skiptinemar af meistaranámsbraut í myndlist sýningu sína í Kaffistofunni, nemendagallerí á Hverfisgötu 42.

Claire Paugam, Mathilde Dadaux og Zuzana Kleinerová sýna verk sín á sýningunni sem opnar kl. 18.

Í umfjöllun þeirra um sýninguna segir;

shapeless : lacking a definite shape

I spit on the asphalt and my saliva lying slackly there is disgusting, it looks like nothing. I can’t take it in my hand it is too slimy and the slimy is repugnant. But even if I take it with my hands I will not be able to keep it as it was on the floor. It will spread all over my hands.

What if I spit on a chair ? No one will sit on it and I will have to « clean » it.

What if I spit in a forest ? No one will notice it, animals and humans will walk on it without seeing it. What if the whole universe is like a spit : shapeless, with no precise color, made of a weird and disgusting texture ?

What if we all come from spit ?

Claire Paugam

The palm is the measure. The palm is the scale. The palm can predict the future. The palm does not need the salt or the sugar. I am facing my fear. ..

Zuzana Kleinerová

« Il semble que, pour bien comprendre le silence, notre âme ait besoin de voir quelque chose qui se taise ; pour être sûre du repos, elle a besoin de sentir près d’elle un grand être qui dorme….aux confins de la poésie et du silence, au minimum de la voix,…dans la sonorité des eaux dormantes. »

Gaston Bachelard

(L’eau et les rêves, La parole de l’eau, p215, 1942)

[It sounds that, to properly realize the silence our soul needs to see something keeping quiet ; to trust the repose, the soul needs to feel a great being sleeping nearby.

… at the edge of the poetry and the silence, to the lowest of the voice,

… in the sonority of still waters.]

               (Water and Dreams, translation by Mathilde Dadaux)


Claire Paugam, Mathilde Dadaux og Zuzana Kleinerová, exchange students in the Master Program in Fine Art show their work in Kaffistofan, Student Gallery of the Fine Art Department, Hverfisgata 42b on Friday the 15th of May at 6pm. 

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