Circolo Scandinavo is announcing for a new Director starting in July 2020

Director of the Scandinavian Association’s Artist House in Rome

Are you interested in leading and further developing the residency program and associated cultural program at Circolo Scandinavo and being involved in shaping the artist’s future business and profile?

The current director’s contract expires in September 2020. Therefore, we are looking for a new director for the Scandinavian Association’s Artist House in Rome for four years, for the period 1.7.2020 – 30.6.2024.

About the Scandinavian Association’s Artist House in Rome

The Scandinavian Association’s Art House in Rome (Circolo Scandinavo) was founded in 1860 and is the oldest Nordic cultural institution outside the Nordic region. 

With support from the Nordic Council of Ministers, Circolo is now running a modern Artist-in-Residence program (AiR) in Rome for Nordic creative artists with a focus on the exchange between both the Nordic artists, as well as between the Nordic and Italian art scene.

The stays typically run for 1-2 months, but may in some cases be longer. There is room for seven working artists simultaneously, individuals or couples. The floor has four larger rooms, two smaller and a separate apartment / studio.In addition, there is a communal kitchen, library, lounge, etc.

1-2 times a month, the open house is held under the name  Meet the Artists , where the visiting artists present their work to everyone interested. Concerts, exhibitions etc. are also arranged in collaboration with the house’s artists.

Circolo cooperates closely with the other Nordic cultural institutes and the embassies in Rome and attaches great importance to also establishing contacts and developing cooperation with the Italian cultural institutions in the city.

Further information about SFK can be found on the association’s website  .


The Director is responsible for the overall management of the Residence House’s residency program, collections and cultural programs. This means, in particular, that they are responsible for: 

  • organize and administer the house financing and activities
  • responsible for the daily administration and maintenance of the Art House 
  • responsible for the historical collections
  • organize and administer the stipulated artists’ residence in the house and conduct a professional dialogue with the artists
  • arranging cultural programs and events at the Konstnärshuset to promote awareness of the artists’ work and Nordic culture 
  • establish and promote contacts with the Italian and international art and cultural institutions in Rome
  • prepare applications for external financing of the arts program’s cultural programs and other activities
  • work in close cooperation with the board and prepare board meetings and general assemblies
  • administer the contact with the members of the association
  • further develop cooperation with the Nordic institutes and embassies in Rome and participate in, among other things, the organization of the Nordic Film Festival
  • The director is assisted in the daily work of an administrative assistant who is part of an annual internship program
  • Working languages ​​are Scandinavian, English and Italian


  • the applicant must be an artist from one of the Nordic countries
  • experience in management, leadership, administration and organization
  • experience in management / development of artistic projects
  • knowledge of Nordic art and cultural life
  • language skills: the applicant must master at least one Scandinavian language, as well as English. Knowledge in the Italian language is assumed.
  • good IT skills, as well as experience and understanding of financial management and accounting
  • Experience in external communication, fundraising and media contacts is an advantage
  • knowledge of Italian society and in particular of the cultural sector is merit
  • independence and flexibility are assumed together with  social skills and good cooperation ability 

Contract and salary conditions

The service as Director of the Scandinavian Association’s Artist House in Rome is valid for four years for the period 

1.7.2020 – 30.6.2024 and is a full-time job.

The contract can be extended by a maximum of four years after a decision by the board. 

The contract can be terminated by both parties with 12 months’ notice. 

The first year constitutes a trial appointment where the contract can be terminated with 6 months’ notice by both parties. Termination pursuant to this rule shall therefore take place no later than 31.7.2021.

Salaries and other benefits are negotiated with the Scandinavian Association’s Board.

application Procedure

A freely formulated application can be sent by e-mail to the address:

The application can be written in one of the Scandinavian languages ​​(Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) or in English.

The application must be received by the Board no later than September 15, 2019 at 11:59 pm

Questions about the service are directed directly to the director Ingo Arnason at

Interviews are held in November 2019 
Replies can be expected by 31 December 2019 at the latest.

Further information HERE  

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