Celebration of the International Day of Peace: Call for participation

As in previous years, several Unesco NGOs have joined their forces to create the 2021 Peace Collective, which this year invites participants to create a poster.
Several models of those already produced are visible on the address: www.21septembre.org/boutique
Following the meeting held on May 7, professional artists of AIAP were invited to participate to this celebration of the International Day for Peace on September 21 by proposing poster projects.
AIAP had already participated to this Day, in Tunis, through a film which brought together the works of many artists from several Committees, and in Querétaro, Mexico, (exhibition ) during Unesco Forums.
One of those posters  will be chosen, printed  and used by the Collective for this International Day, the other projects being able to be used by the Committees for their respective celebrations.

The main lines of the meeting were as follows

– The International Day of Peace is hardly celebrated around the world

– The celebration of this Day requires – and this is the whole spirit of Unesco – a Culture of Peace, that is to say an education for Peace.
This education takes place from early childhood, at school, and in the family.
– This Day must be supported by personalities from the arts, letters, show biz, politics, mayors and elected officials of all levels, the medias and associations.
– Concept: to create a new concept and not the use of Picasso’s dove


Format / Free
Medium / free (drawing, print, photo,painting, digital, mixed, etc.)

Sending: to the addresses: iaa.aiap@gmail.com



Before June 20th, the choice being made on June 27th

Please, be kind enough to let us know if you wish to participate, and how: posters, local projects.

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