Celebrate three dimensional art with us: Host start’18 at your venue!

Celebrate three dimensional art with us:
Host start’18 at your venue!

International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture

Sunday, 28 January 2018, at 11 AM (CET)
in over 20 countries worldwide

Dear friends of three-dimensional art,
with 5,100 participants at 70 locations in 21 countries start‘ 17 was one of the largest events worldwide for three dimensional art this year. Experts, artists and patrons of the arts celebrated, enjoyed and discussed simultaneously from Portugal to Finland.

start’18 wants you as a host to help bring people from the sculpture scene together in a number of diverse ways. Open your doors for art professionals and the art interested public, provide an insight into your work and be a platform for exchange and encounters.

The popularity of sculpture is growing. Help us support and increase this trend. Together we can achieve a great deal. Our goal is more awareness of, greater understanding for and easier access to this unique form of art. Plus, all of these people, at all these different events are linked together interactively via the Internet.

Whether museum, sculpture park, studio, gallery or workspace: Be part of this event and celebrate together on Sunday, 28 January 2018, at 11 AM (MEZ) with many other art institutions, artists and enthusiastic art lovers! Does this not sound like a flying start into the art year 2018?

The quotes from enthusiastic hosts from last year speak for themselves:Watch video


Interested? Learn more here!


Organize an event with our support and become a part of the largest sculpture festival worldwide. We look forward to your registration as a host!

Questions? Please call me at +49 89 5168 9793 or send me an e-mail at ilaria.specos@sculpture-network.org.


Ilaria Specos

Your Contact Person and Event Manager

Dear friends of three-dimensional 

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