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Beate Körner – Missing Memories // SÍM-salur

Beate Körner – Missing Memories // SÍM-salur

Verið velkomin á opnun sýningarinnar föstudag 08. apríl kl. 17-19 í SÍM-salnum Hafnarstræti 16.

Sýningin stendur til 26. apríl og er opin alla virka daga á milli kl. 10-16.

„Missing Memories“ deals with what we tell ourselves about ourselves.

How do we re-interpret our own experiences to our favor or disfavor, the stories we invent as we talk about what happened to us, and what objects do we choose to keep or discard as we age, all constitute the crux of this exhibition.
While avoiding the pretense of any possible knowledge of who we essentially are, we would like to invite you to consider the diverging narratives about our own history as more than just “true” or “false”, while gazing at the objects on display: Are they really part of the artist’s past, or is the story behind them entirely made up?
What is behind the veil?

This exhibition is the outcome of an almost alchemical collaboration process between Haneen Hannouch (curator) and Beate Körner (artist). Over months, they have condensed, synthesised and extracted concepts and visual ideas. The result is a very personal multisensory experience.
Further collaborations with the Italian musician Lisa Mazzochi (audio) and the Spanish visual artist Laura Andrés Esteban (camera) have enabled this project to reach its full potential.

Beate Körner (*1987) is a visual artist living and working in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has studied Fine Arts in Germany and the UK and was a master student with Prof. Toon Verhoef. She uses performative strategies as well as video installation, text and forms of drawing. Her work has been exhibited widely in Germany (Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe, Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe), as well as in the UK, Norway, Chile, Russia and Iceland.

Hanin Hannouch (*1989) is an art historian, film theoretician and the creator of kinoimages.com. She has earned degrees in Art History, Archaeology and Museology in Lebanon, France and Germany and is writing her PhD thesis at IMT Lucca (Italy), dealing with the art historical ideas of Sergei Eisenstein. At the moment, she is a Guest Researcher at Jacobs University Bremen (Germany).

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