Snehta wants to open its doors to six (6) contemporary art practitioners to live and work in Athens throughout June and July 2018 as part of a programme focused on and around Fokionos Negri. Fokionos is a pedestrianised road which is a key part of the neighbourhood of Kypseli, the same district where Snehta has been based for six years. Fokionos residency stems from a desire to think creatively and playfully around public space in Athens. The selected artists will explore both established and liminal spaces existing within the urban fabric and redefine these through a variety of interpretations.

Snehta’s involvement with the area of Kypseli and its ongoing work through the residency has produced a plethora of responses relating to the city at large which provide a basis for the focus of this new residency programme. The programme will focus on public space and its potential to become a place of self expression. This is a residency programme that aims to give artists the appropriate skills and tools to explore public space whilst fostering new opportunities where artwork and audience can intersect to create novel associations.

A group of Kypseli-local and Athens-based professionals will lead a series of talks, workshops and events with the selected artists; some of them will also form a dialogue about the research and work of the artists throughout their residency. Snehta has invited independent curatorPanos Giannikopoulos to curate the exhibition and work with the participating artists. The exhibition will be co-coordinated by Snehta director, sculptor Augustus Veinoglou.

Activities of the residency – research, production and exhibitions – will focus on Fokionos Negri, Dimotiki Agora Kypselis, the Kiosk and Snehta’s studios, workshop and gallery spaces as well as through the streets of Kypseli.

All spaces for the Fokionos residency exist within a radius of under 500 meters.

Fokionos Negri
Fokionos Negri itself is the residency’s site of action. Specific locations on the walk will be available for the artists to use to temporarily install work outside the confines of the gallery and studio.

Dimotiki Agora Kypselis
The recently renovated municipality market place ‘Dimotiki Agora’ plays a key role in the programme, with artists being able to use its atrium as a location to participate in conversations, talks and potentially an exhibition or events space. Furthermore, artists are able to utilise two recently renovated studio spaces in the basement of the Agora. The local council, 6ο διαμέρισμα Δήμου Αθηναίων, and Impact Ηub Athens are forerunning the Agora (public market place) and are active overseers of the Fokionos residency. They function as key collaborators, making available appropriate exhibition space at the Dimotiki Agora and areas alongside the pedestrianised Fokionos Negri.  They will also function as mediators and consultants for this programme.

The Kiosk on Fokionos
The Kiosk, utilised by the Aletheia project during Documenta14, will also be an available venue. A sliding ramp able to take artwork to the roof of the Kiosk is already in place as well as a generator to power artworks requiring an electrical source.

Artists will have access to facilities (wood workshop and casting room) at Snehta’s main space which is only 5 minute walk from the Agora or 6 minutes from the artists’ accommodation.

Artists are asked to participate in a number of collective activities throughout June and July. These include: group meetings with the Snehta team, curator and guest experts as well as a number of workshops, open labs and walks by invited specialists. The workshops and labs will be spread evenly throughout the first month of the residency so artists have time in July to develop their own work. Further activities to be announced.

The programme will include:
An orientation tour of Athens with important sites and places of interest, led by the Snehta coordinator and artist, Becky Campbell. (tour)

A brief presentation of the geographical and architectural history of Athens from antiquity until the modern age by Professor of the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, Phoivos Verdelis. (talk)

An open lab by Flaneur Magazine, for a two day workshop that, much like the magazine itself, seeks to explore public space. The workshop’s goal is for its participants to produce a one-off zine dedicated to Fokionos Negri guided by the editors. (workshop, talk)

A presentation of some of the key public monuments and sculptures of Athens by artist Amalia Charikiopoulou. (talk)

Campus Novel collective will present their Rezeptionsästhetik project. The Kypseli area was one of the most important nuclei of the once successful economic model of reconstruction, recommending the apartment building as a modern type of habitation. The entrances of the apartment buildings, designed to serve the transition from the public space to the autonomy of the individual residence, are passages of temporary ownership. In the two-day workshop with guest artists there will be a tour to the entrances of blocks of flats with the purpose of initially identifying and highlighting the particular aesthetic typologies encountered in such spaces and then processing them as a post-production, redesign or total transformation material. (tour, workshop)

A workshop and walk by artist and former Snehta resident Jan Uprichard focusing on the sensual qualities of Fokionos (sounds, smells, textures). The tour part of the workshop will take the form of curated walks, playing with the senses by creating short periods of time where the participants are deprived of a sense whilst they explore the neighbourhood. Nose plugs, eye-masks, earplugs, guide ropes and team work will be used to ‘evaluate’ and get beneath the skin of Kypseli. (tour)

A peripatetic exploration of the nearest hill of Kypseli, Tourkovounia, by painter and Nikos Mantzios. (tour)

An introduction to Open Garden at Athina Garden City, including a talk and tour of the surrounding area, examining the plants and green space of the city by artist and former Snehta resident Catriona Gallagher. (tour, discussion)

A series of screenings focusing on films and movies either filmed or inspired by Kypseli, curated by painter Antonakis Christodoulou. (discussion, screenings)

A walk tracing the dig and the non-spaces in Athens city centre by Snehta director Augustus Veinoglou. (tour)

A cross participation in discussions and presentations with Store project. (This year’s school open to young adults is setting its focus to Kypseli. The school will look into the work of Greek architect Dimitris Pikionis. His method involved collecting debris from numerous surrounding buildings and repurposing them into a walkway. This gathering, collecting and reconstructing is a common theme in the contemporary archaeological space that is modern Athens. Taking Pikionis’ unique, quintessentially Greek methodology Store will propose a micro Plateia to be constructed in the city of Athens. At the conclusion of the school, the Plateia will host a public event which will be co-curated with members of the surrounding community.)

Artists will be invited to partake in a series of technical workshops and inductions. These will be scheduled within the first month to give artists adequate time to develop their work during the second half of the residency.

Eleanor Lines: workshops in screen printing
Christos Vagiatas: fabrication assistance
Augustus Veinoglou: support in casting & woodwork
Filoktitis Veinoglou: chemistry workshop focusing on how to make essential oils and ink

For further information and details on how to apply visit:

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