Artistic Residencies 2016 program | Open Call until 31st may 2016!

Artistic Residencies 2016 program open!

The Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation opened the application period for the Artistic Residencies Program 2016.

The project Artistic Residencies 2016 integrates the cultural action program developed by the the Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation, and is complementary to other projects and activities, such as the Biennial of Art of Cerveira, the Creative Industries Cluster, the Cerveira Biennial Museum, temporary exhibitions, ateliers and workshops.

With the occupation of spaces through the artistic residencies, The Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation, intends to motivate the exchange of experiences and knowledge among these artists and the community, promoting the social development of the designated “Village of the Arts” and projecting the Portuguese culture and arts.

The selected artist residencies took place from 1st September to 31st October 2016 in the “Artist’s House Painter Jaime Isidoro”, property of the Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira and affects to the activity of the Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation.

The inscription period runs until May 31st, 2016.

About the Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation

The Biennial of Art of Cerveira, the oldest art festival in Portugal, is directed to the promotion of contemporary art. Existing since 1978 this event is supported by a national and international reputation. Fostering and stimulating the region’s creativity, the cultural decentralization and internationalization, this Biennial provides, for over 38 years, a space for meeting, interaction and dissemination of ideas, as an opportunity for the acknowledgement of national and international artists.

The promoter of the Biennial, the Cerveira Biennial Foundation, holds an important collection, representative of the evolution of art in the last 38 years. The Museum is a project in constant development which aims to foster artistic and cultural initiatives, also in the time between the Biennials. The collection has 500 artworks, some were awarded in the Biennial and others are acquisitions and donations. Conserving, managing and communicating this legacy are also our purposes in the advancement of arts. Our Museum promotes a regular program of contemporary art exhibitions and organizes guided tours in which we encourage a participative dialogue, as well as various workshops for children and adults.

More info: http://bienaldecerveira.org/fbac-abre-concurso-internacional-de-residencias-artisticas-2016/

Artistic Residencies 2016 – Application Form-1

Tender Norms of the Artistic Residencies 2016-1

Tender Norms of the Artistic Residencies 2016-2

Tender Norms of the Artistic Residencies 2016-3

Tender Norms of the Artistic Residencies 2016-4


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