Arnar Ásgeirsson || A Chihuahua is a Dog and Pluto is a Planet || Studio Sol OPNUN 10 ágúst, 17 – 20

Sýning stendur frá 10 ágúst – 21 september 2019  

OPNUN 10 ágúst, 17 – 20 

Arnar Ásgeirsson opens a multi media exhibition at Studio Sol, that playfully draws upon print, drawing, installation,  sculpture, and soap.

In his large scale drawings, he draws on common everyday cultural associations, and creates a new ironic and humorous symbolism for them. Large scale drawings and person sized soap sculptures tell a story, one centered around questions of originality, reproduction and the differences between creating and copying.

This narrative emotionality  shines through in his intricate and detailed drawing work. Arnar brings appropriated objects into motion, creating for them new characters and new scenarios. Through this Arnar creates an unexpected and personalized narrative experience for each viewer. There is even a certain functionality to these pieces, in the everydayness of a soap material, containing a simultaneous rawness and softness . He hints at the possibility that they can be handled, used or even consumed.

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