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Apply for the Saari Residence in August

The annual application period for residencies at the Saari Residence begins on 1 August and ends on 15 August at 4 pm Finnish time.
 The purpose of the Saari Residence, a residence for artists and researchers run by Kone Foundation in Mynämäki, Finland, is to provide artists and researchers from various fields a peaceful working environment and excellent opportunities for interaction.

Residency places can be applied for actual artistic work or for advancing artistic work. Priority is given to multidisciplinary, new, marginal, or non-mainstream themes and fields of art.

Spring, autumn, and winter are divided into four two-month periods reserved for individual artists, and summer, from May to August, is an intensive working period for groups. In spring and autumn, usually 8 residency guests at a time are present during four separate periods, while in summer, groups occupy all spaces. During individual residencies, the Saari Invited Artist also works at the Saari Residence from September to the end of April. An individual residency includes accommodation, a workroom, and a monthly grant. Groups may apply for support for travel and living costs during the residency period.

The residency application process is renewed to make it less complicated for residency applicants to fill in the application form. The review will also streamline the processing of applications. Applicants no longer select their own field of art, but the field of expertise of the person who will evaluate their application. In addition, there are now three different levels of monthly grants for individual residencies.

Residencies are available to individual Finnish and international artists of different fields, translators, curators, critics, and artist groups (working groups and organisations with a business ID) for artistic work and carrying out a pre-established work plan during the residency at the Saari Residence.

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Photo: Otto-Ville Väätäinen


The Saari Residence in Mynämäki, Finland is maintained by Kone Foundation and hosts both artists and researchers. The Saari Residence offers artists and researchers from various fields a peaceful working environment and excellent opportunities for interaction. Established in 1956, Kone Foundation is an independent and unaffiliated organisation. Its aim is to make the world better by advancing bold initiatives in research and the arts.

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