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Application deadline to Circolo residency program is in a week!

Hello, all the Nordic artists out there! The applications for residency at Circolo Scandinavo 2017-2018 need to be submitted a week from now; deadline for applications is on April 1th! This means you have roughly a week’s time to get your stuff together and send it in before it’s too late!

You can find information about Circolo, the residency program and the application form itself, of course, on our webpage, https://www.circoloscandinavo.it/.

After you send in the application, you will get a confirmation e-mail, however, do not panic if you don’t get it straight away, it’s a manual confirmation so it depends on resource availability. Thank you for your patience.

General assembly April 20th: candidates public

The General Assembly convenes for the annual meeting at April 20th, as per previous e-mails. This year is, as you may know, election year, and the candidates are in and have been public on our webpage since Wednesday. The candidates for this years election are

  • Janne Giese, Denmark
  • Juha Ruusuvuori, Finland
  • Tarja Cronberg, Finland
  • Merja Salonen Di Giorgio, Finland
  • Jens Gehl, Denmark
  • Petri Kaivanto Finland
  • Lars Strandh, Sweden/Norway
  • Peter Brandt, Denmark
  • Lisa Pacini, Norway
  • Ulla West, Sweden
  • Gro Siri Johansen, Norway
  • Björn Ross, Sweden/Denmark

Presentations of the candidates will be presented on our webpage soon. The candidates compete for the five places of the board, and the board will then choose its chairman.

For more information, visit our webpage.

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