Anna Pawłowska opnar sýningu í Grafíksalnum 17.október 2019

Anna Pawłowska is a graphic artist from Kraków, Poland. It will be her first solo show in Reykjavik. During the show she will present a series of prints mainly made in aquatint technique.It is an interpretation of optical phenomena and an attempt to find a relation between the beam of light and etching process. 

Here is an introduction to the exhibition: 

A ray of light passing through the cornea, then the pupil of the eye, to break down in the lens and create an inverted image on the retina, then sent with the optic nerve to the brain. A beam of light refracting in the prism creating a rainbow or a halo effect around the solar or lunar disc. The basis of the optical phenomena that surround us and the process of seeing itself lies in the behaviour of the light beam when colliding with matter. 

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