Netutgafa Anna Graffo 002

Anna Gunnarsdóttir opnar sýninguna TEXTILE GRAFFO í Halmstad, Svíþjóð 19.október

Anna is a Textile artist living in Akureyri, Iceland.

Her main focus is on felting and working with light and shadows. All the items in this exhibition are hand felted with wool on paper, free embroidery and coiling with threads around wire. 

Whenever you step out of your house, going to a quiet or busy neighborhood, visiting your friends in a big city or suburb, or even travelling abroad, you are bound to encounter graffiti.

Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Graffiti comes in a variety of different forms. Although graffiti is illegal, many people still do it even though they know the consequences or what could happen if they get caught. 

In my travel around the world I have been taking pictures of graffiti. This exhibition “Textile Graffo”is an inspiration from these memories. Using textile and take that to a graffo work. 

The frame represents the wall for graffiti, my artwork is the graffiti itself and wires outside the frame show the limitless boundries of graffiti. The shadows can be of differnent shapes and sizes and keep on changing and so does the graffiti.

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