Hyper Global x Hyper Local, an open call that is inviting makers to explore what it means to be both connected physically to local contexts and digitally at a global scale when travel and physical exchanges are not possible. The call addresses makers in the broadest sense of this term, including creative professionals who produce work and projects using technology and/or traditional tools and methods, artists, craftspeople, sculptors and textile designers.


The exchanging teams must co-develop a program of exchange that can prominently occupy a digital/ online/ remote format, including innovative forms of presentation and implementations that allow remote audience participation, so they can share the outputs of their exchange with a broader audience.

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The format of the exchange is open, and participants will have freedom to explore and produce artifacts, methodologies and outputs that they feel is most appropriate for their work.


Each exchange will require a minimum amount of 40 hours of working time. The participants of each exchange will be responsible for planning and organizing their exchange within the start and finish dates of the exchange. Participants will be expected to document and record the time spent during the exchange.


budget of €1000 for the production of the online exchange project will be available for each participating team. An estimated budget for the project must be submitted by each team in the application, stating how it will be distributed amongst the participants in the exchange. Note that the applying party will be the one that receives the entire budget and will be responsible for distributing the budget as per the project proposal.


Depending on the scope of each project, experts from various fields and an international facilitator will join the programme, while each team will design and develop online sharing and workshop sessions, participate in virtual exchanges, and prepare an original digital presentation that explores new forms of documentation and sharing and opens up the creative process to the public.

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To support the exchanges a dedicated Discord channel will be created to provide a space for participants to communicate and serve the needs of the individual exchanges. Using a shared platform will also enable all participants to see the work of the other exchanges and provide the opportunity for knowledge transfer. The use of communication tools will however not be limited to Discord, and participants will be invited to use methods and tools that will best serve the objectives of the exchange, and to record and document their methods of interaction and communication.


Call for applications

December 2nd

Submissions Deadline

January 4th

Notification of Results

January 14th

Online workshop for selected participants

January 21st

Earliest exchange beginning date

February 4th

Latest exchange end date February 26th

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