5th Farindola International Arts Festival – Residency for visual artists 27th July – 17th August

Farindola International Arts Festival (FIAF) in collaboration with Municipality of Farindola, the non- profit organization Pro Loco and other local associations invite artists to apply for a visual arts residency in the village of Farindola between 29/07/2019 and 17/08/2019. Artists can however arrive from the 27/07/2019 (before the beginning of the festival).

The period chosen for the artists’ stay will coincide with summer events which enliven the town and which over many years have brought an influx of tourists thus permitting the event to be highly visible especially during the days of Festival of the Pecorino of Farindola, la Sagra (which usually attracts more than 10,000 visitors annually), Camminarmangiando, Pecorino & Pecorini and the Entroterra Cult Fest. The purpose of the initiative is to regenerate culture and art within the community whose beautiful natural surroundings and tranquility make it an ideal place for art activities such as painting and sculpture.


FIAF offers free accommodation in Farindola for up to 10 international
artists between 29/07/2019 and 17/08/2019, each artist can be accompanied
by additional family members paying a nominal fee of Euro15 per day (children from 0 until 5 years of age will be hosted for free, children from 5 until 12 years of age will pay Euro 10 per day).

In exchange the artist will be asked to produce artworks that will be
exhibited during the festivals: “la Sagra del Pecorino” (which takes place nightly from 1st to 5th August), Camminarmangiando (which takes place in the morning of the 4th August during this event every artists has to paint in one of the stop of the route), Pecorino & Pecorini festival (which takes place nightly from 9th to 11th August), Entroterra Cult Fest (which takes place in the afternoons and during the nights from 17th to 19th August).

Each artist must be available to work in front of the public for at least 2 hours per night (from 8 pm) during the festivals (la Sagra del Pecorino and Pecorino & Pecorini) in addition to whatever other work they do during the residency. During this period the artworks may be sold with 10% of the proceeds retained by the organizing institution to be reinvested in FIAF in future years. The artist must also donate one artwork to FIAF’s own collection. This year a new development will be that one of the selected artists will be a photographer. The aim of this is to narrate the artists’ experiences through a video presentation of FIAF 2019 made with photographs of the event and of Farindola.

The event and artworks produced by the participating artists will be publicized through the press and social media.

‘La Sagra’
Karen Stamper’s Sketchbook

Further information and how to apply:

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