2 Danish artists looking for Icelandic partners for an art project

Something borrowed, something green and something new.

WHAT IS NORDIC? How do we mirror ourselves in the Nordic countries?
How do we interpret each other’s culture-bearing objects/ ideas?

Our overall idea is that in each country in the Nordic region (Denmark, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.) We invite citizens to lend gifts to us from the Nordic area where they live. The gift represents what the donor experiences and finds specific a national thing/ an object that link to a specific place. Some specific objects associated with the specific areas where the citizens live. It can be anything from a prose text or an everyday object.

Around the “gifts” lent to us, we create a new object / a performance / or an intervention in a specific landscape, developed in collaboration with at least 2 artists from Island. We are developing a translation. A kind of reproduction of the gift/ an interpretation, mirroring, reflection and transformation of the gift.

Sus Haugland and Tanja Nellemann and the artists from the area allow themselves to look freely on the borrowed item/ the gifts or to add / donate the gift an importance that the donor has not (yet) seen. All activities will be documented on a common website or blog.

If you are interested:

Please write a short introduction of yourself to us if you have been working with art in public spaces and citizen involvement. With it, please send your homepage and how you see your participation to the collaboration and to the project to:

Sus Haugland and Tanja Nellemann on:

tanjanellemannpoulsen@gmail.com, phone: 0045 – 31364676

sushaugland@gmail.com, phone: 0045 – 31400517

Don’t hesitate to just call us if you have any questions!

From March 1. Th. to march 7. Th. we will be in Iceland (Reykjavik and Akureyri) with a START UP Grant from the Nordic Culture Foundation.

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